Cult of the Watchers

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“Speak not the Watchers,
Draw not the Watchers,
Write not the Watchers,
Sculpt not the Watchers,
Sing not the Watchers,
Call not the Watchers’ name.”

Also known as the Church of Angels, the Cult of the Watchers is a group that worship entities they refer to as The Watchers. The followers of the cult are infected by the Red Eye disease, which eventually turns them into mindless drones, robbed of any free will, with their only purpose being to do the Watchers’ bidding. Led by a high priestess, the organization is mostly composed of powerful magicians and priests. They are represented by the “Three-Eyed Twins”, alluding to its founders.

Although the cult was originally responsible for creation of the Seal system and the Goddess to protect Midgard and her inhabitants, the faction has lost sight of its original purpose. It becomes the force behind the Empire and the main cause for the war with the Union. During the Great War, the cult wished to, and eventually succeeded in destroying the seals in order to release the Seeds of Resurrection upon the world. After the war, many followers have gone into hiding, with only a few sects remaining.

Cult of the Watchers

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