The Seals

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Acting as the only thing keeping the world from the brink of chaos, the seals were established by the Church of Angels. There are five seals, each protected by individual races.

The Forest Seal- Guarded by the Elves.
The Desert Seal- Guarded by Demonkin.
The Ocean Seal- Guarded by the Merfolk.
The Mountain Seal- Guarded by Mankind.

The Goddess of the Seal, acts as a final seal. The Goddess is chosen by a “mark” which spontaneously appears on the successor’s body upon the death of the previous Goddess. The seal on the body is accompanied by great pain, and the burden on the body is great. Once the new Goddess is found by priests, a sealing ritual is performed and much of her existence is spent in seclusion. The unfortunate young woman may never marry or give birth, and the burden often results in many Goddesses committing suicide. Because of this, she is often watched very closely by her protectors, servants, and handmaidens.

It is said when all seals are broken, the world will be plunged into chaos, and “the Watchers” shall descend upon the world.

The Seals

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