Pacts and Pact Prices


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“A pact? Or death? We are united by our need to live.”

A pact is a contract between a human or elf with a powerful beast. The pair who perform the ritual merge their souls and become “Pact Partners”. United by an ancient magic, any wound inflicted will harm both pact partners. Both individuals gain immense power as a result from a pact and may escape death if fatally injured.

Power does not come with out a price. Immediately after a pact is made, the human or elf must surrender a function of their body as a “Pact Price”. This is commonly the person’s most treasured feature, resulting in many tragic ironies. Those who perform a pact display a physical tattoo symbolizing their pact price.

Although pacts are performed for many different reasons, they are most commonly implemented for personal gain, out of necessity, or even for entertainment purposes. There does exist a stigma toward those who have accomplished a pact, and pact partners may find they are not always welcome in normal society.

Pact Crest Examples:

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Pacts and Pact Prices

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