Pact Beasts

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A race with the head, arms, and torso of a man, and the body and legs of a horse. Dwelling in the forest, they live in tribes led by a male chieftain. When it comes to hunting or use of a bow, centaurs can not be outdone by any other creature. They can often be found star-gazing, drinking, or feasting.

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Enigmatic, malevolent beings often associated with black magic. Demons are thought to exist in the realm of The Watchers. A person who wishes to summon a demon consults a grimoire, which gives them the names and abilities of demons as well as detailed instructions in summoning them. A person who makes a pact with a demon however, may find they are not welcome among common folk.

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Dragons are masters of the natural world and are said to be servants of the gods. They are fiercely proud, and consider themselves superior to most species. All dragons breath fire, but some rare few are rumored to breath frost or lightning. When these creatures choose to form a pact, they are able to evolve into much more powerful forms as their pact partner grows stronger.
GM Note-Dragons are typically named after angels.

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Elementals are spirits that manifest themselves as one of the four elements: wind, fire, water, and earth. Very little is known about them, but they seem to prefer elves over humans.

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A race of winged folk. Small in actual size, they emit a colorful light from their wings. Although they may appear to be male or female, they are hermaphrodites and do not make distinctions between sexes. Most faeries have an ugly disposition and are well known for their pranks and foul words. The faeries are ruled by a monarchy and can be found in the Forest of the Seal. Although they maintain a friendly relationship with the Elves, they harbor a disgust of Humans.

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Magical creatures who are often mistaken for statues when stationary, gargoyles are able to manipulate their skin to become as hard as stone and will shed and regrow their skin throughout their adult life. All gargoyles have wings and are often chosen to be used as guardians of wealth.

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Golems are beings created through a fusion of magic and earth to do the bidding of powerful sorcerers. The sorcery necessary to command these beasts is apparently a rare gift passed down by blood. At this time, it is unknown if any golem sorcerers exist today. They are non-sentient unless gifted with the ability to feel emotions.

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Female creatures with hair made of living, venomous snakes and eyes that turn those who look upon them into stone. If these weapons weren’t deadly enough, gorgons also have sharp talons. It’s believed that they were once a race of beautiful creatures that were cursed by Gods for their vanity.

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Griffins are creatures with with the body, tail, and back legs of a lion; the head and wings of an eagle; and an eagle’s talons as its front feet. Fiercely proud and territorial of its treasure, griffins can be quite dangerous to interact with. However, griffins are virtuous, intelligent, curious, and loyal. Those that befriend a griffin may find a friend for life. These creatures also mate for life and will live the rest of their life alone if their partner dies. A griffin seeking companionship among people after the loss of their mate is not unheard of.

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A race of bird-women with the head and torso of a woman, and the tail, wings, and talons of a bird. As no males have ever been seen, it’s rumored that harpies kidnap males of other races for breeding purposes, and feast upon them when finished. Vicious and predatory in nature, these deadly creatures often claim territory near roads so that they may prey upon caravans or travelers, and their nests are easily identifiable by the gruesome remains of their victims. Harpies are also fiercely territorial and will salvage anything that comes too close to their nests. Their most deadly attribute is their ability to lull their prey to sleep with the beautiful arias they sing.

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Guardians of the afterlife, these supernatural canines are considered omens of death. Hellhounds are tasked with collecting the souls of wicked people or those who owe a debt to a demon. Tenacious, insatiable, and intelligent, they are almost impossible to trick or bargain with. Characteristics of a hellhound include glowing eyes, foul odor, and unnatural strength or speed. They vary in size, ranging from standard-sized dogs to small horses. Hellhounds can also be identified by a fiery aura, and are known to command fire in battle.

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Hydras are water-dwelling, snake-like creatures with multiple heads, each with a mind of their own. All heads are able to breathe a poisonous vapor that is deadly when inhaled. Hydras make their homes in marshes or swamps and are ambush predators, preying on anything that strays too close.

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Manticores are beasts with the body of a red lion, a human-like head, leathery wings, and the tail of a scorpion. Manticores are highly venomous, storing venom in their jaws and in the barb on their tail. The venom contains a paralyzing agent, allowing these reported man-eaters to devour their prey whole. Capable of human speech, these creatures are actually highly intelligent.

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Merfolk are a marine, but amphibious race that resemble humans or elves, but possess many qualities of a fish, including scales, fins, gills, and webbed appendages. The hair and scales of a merfolk can come in a variety of different hues and are often very colorful overall. They are generally a neutral race, but are also known for their aloof and whimsical demeanor. However, some clans of merfolk are xenophobic and will drown those that trespass on their domain. It’s rumored that in some parts of world merfolk will also devour their victims after drowning them.

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A creature described as being part bull, part man, minotaurs have the head, horns, and tail of a bull, but are bipedal with hooves for feet. They are huge creatures, covered in fur, and are powerfully built, giving them incredible strength. Minotaurs are notorious for being ill-tempered, particularly when fighting against their enemies. As a society, minotaurs value prowess in battle and often compete in battles of supremacy to establish their hierarchy. Interestingly enough, this race also has a superstitious fear of magic relating to their religion. They rarely form pacts, but they may offer a pact to a person who has bested them in battle.

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Towering, muscled creatures that are savage and cruel in their ways. Ogres actively hunt humanoid races as prey and the more intelligent individuals will even steal women and children from their beds as they sleep. Ogre tribes value strength and fertility above all, making ogre tribes very dangerous. A tribe is led by the strongest most virile male who leads the tribe on ritualistic hunts. They often raid villages and traveling caravans for food, supplies, and for fun.

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Pegasi are divine, winged horses that are capable of great speed and agility. They have human level intelligence and will often serve a just cause. Although highly prized as aerial steeds, pegasi are wild, shy, and not easily tamed. The most common way of taming a pegasus is raising from birth.

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A large, swan-sized bird with colorful plumage and a tail as long as peacock. Their tail feathers are hot to the touch and can incinerate an unworthy person with touch alone. The most startling of the phoenix’s abilities is the ability to regenerate itself. A phoenix periodically bursts into flame when its body has grown old and rises from the ashes as a newborn chick. These birds also have magical tears which have potent healing capabilities, and a song that may inspire bravery or cowardice depending on who hears it.

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Ugly, hulking creatures with rough earthy hides, beastly faces, and massive clawed hands. They are massive, grotesque beasts that are usually regarded as pests. Making their homes in mountainous regions in dens, trolls prey on large prey. Males usually live a solitary lifestyle while females live in family groups and raise their young. Trolls have impressive regenerative qualities and are able to quickly heal most wounds. However, they have a weakness to fire and those that hunt them will often carry something capable of producing a flame.

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A horselike or goatlike animal with cloven hooves and a long horn. Docile and extremely elusive, unicorns are rumored to only appear to virgin maidens or those of a just heart. Alchemists and healers report that the horn can cure poison and sickness. These noble horses will always aid just causes.

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Wraiths are spirit beings that are spectral remains of a once living person. Although intelligent, wraiths long for their mortal life and are angry, violent spirits as a result. They do possess all the memories before their untimely end, and can provide vital advice and wisdom when needed. Wraiths are usually bound to skilled necromancers.

Pact Beasts

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